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Welcome to the place online that is not about porn or hardcore anything...but very well could be.

Ahhh...Rambunctious Sex

Ahh, The joy of energetic sex.

Having been browsing the net for quite a few years it came to me that there is an ungodly amount of porn out there. This isn't a bad thing, but what the net lacked were places people could go for sex-positive messages and information, rather than hard headed lines of ABSTINENCE FOREVER or all the overly clinical info sites. I hate to use the line "sex-positive message" because its so cliched but I hope you can find some good info here or at least some good food for thought.
I know that most of the content here is written word, but thats the only good way to convey the info and stories I want to. Pictures, in this case, are not worth 1000 words.

Although the focus of my site is sex, there are parts that allow me to vent and record thoughts I don't want forgotten.

So, peruse the content here and try to learn something if for no other reason than to better understand you own sexuality.