Intellectual Sexuality - aka Smart Sex


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The Nerve: Intellectual Hedonistism

Nerve exists because sex is beautiful and absurd, remarkably fun and reliably trauma-inducing. In short, it is a subject in need of a fearless, intelligent forum for both genders. We believe that women (men too, but especially women) have waited long enough for a smart, honest magazine on sex, with cliché-shattering prose and fiction as well as striking photographs of naked people that capture more than their flesh. You've waited long enough.

About the Society for Human Sexuality

We are a social and educational organization whose purpose is to promote understanding and appreciation for the many forms of adult intimate relationships and consensual sexual expression.

My Brother's Teen Site

My brother's site, teen oriented info and tips. - Home of Dr. Love

I know it sounds silly: home of Dr. Love. But this site has an incredible amount of information and "Dr. Love" is not another knock off love doc. He has good logical advice in hundreds of articles, plus lots of other stuff guys enjoy. Also a good site for women to check out, they might learn something.

Sexuality Bytes

From the land down under. Good articles and advice on a wide range of topics.