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Here you'll find an ecclectic mix of quotes I thought were unique and made important points about sex in todays society.

Please note that these words are not my own and not intended to be the gospel. I don't agree with all of them. They are tid-bits I've picked up from random essays, articles, reviews and other readings for no other reason than to evoke thought.

In truth, for all its preoccupation with sex, our culture still adamantly refuses to address sexual eros with the simple wonder, open curiosity, and profound respect it deserves. And so we have no complex, imaginative and affirmative culture - written or visual - that is deliberately, honestly and sexually erotic.

--David Steinberg

Part of the problem is the Madonna/Whore thing and that the women in porn don't really seem like they are human at all to these guys--just parts to fixate on. Porn persuades men to seek self-indulgent fantasy and to shun intimacy with real women.

As my brother is fond of saying "NO FATTIES!!"

I won't deny enjoying the power of making men supplicant -- but this kind of power is, ultimately, facile and short-lived.

Images of Playboy pinups or Friends characters have become more desirous -- more sexually "real" -- to many American men than their own wives and lovers.

The problem today is not that the sex-pot ideal is as monotonous as ever (and even more unrealistic, to the point of Barbie-doll deformity); the problem is that it has become so profuse.

Sexuality, I understood just then, is just part of something I am, a state of being rather than a state of action.

It's surely one of the strange phenomena of this decade that the most thoughtful gift you can bring a date is not flowers, chocolates, or ankle-length pearls, but a note from your doctor' - Linda Sunshine

I look how you want to look, I fuck how you want to fuck, I am smart, capable, and most of all I am free in all the ways which you are not. -Tyler Durden

Nature has given women so much power that the law has wisely given them so little.
-Saw this on some sitcom at 3 in the morning, "Designing Women" I think. If I remember correctly it was a guy quoting some military general.